Fontsinuse: An Exploration Of Typography In Design

fontsinuse: A Valuable Resource for Designers

When it comes to designing a layout, choosing the right font can make all the difference. But with so many fonts available, it can be overwhelming to make a choice. This is where FontsInUse comes in handy.

Fonts in Use – DesDev
Fonts in Use – DesDev

FontsInUse is a website that showcases typography usage in real-world design. It’s a valuable resource for designers who want to see how fonts are used in different contexts and for different purposes. The website features a vast collection of projects—from book covers to movie posters to advertisements—each with a detailed breakdown of the fonts used.





One of the best things about FontsInUse is its search function. Users can browse by font name, designer, format, and industry. This allows designers to find inspiration from similar projects or see how a specific font has been used in different contexts.

Another great feature is the ability to explore individual fonts. Users can see a font’s history, designer, and variations, as well as view examples of the font in use. This is helpful when choosing a font for a specific project or when trying to learn more about a design element.





FontsInUse also offers a “Typeface Showcases” section, which highlights individual fonts and provides examples of how they’ve been used. This section is particularly helpful for designers who are looking for new fonts to add to their collection.

Overall, FontsInUse is a valuable tool for designers who want to see how fonts are used in real-world design. With its vast collection of projects, search function, and font showcases, it’s a great resource for finding inspiration and choosing the right font for any project.

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