22.375 X 34 Poster Frame – Stylish Display For Your Artwork

22.375 x 34 poster frame: The Perfect Fit for Your Artwork

If you have a 22.375 x 34 poster that you want to display, you need a frame that can accommodate its dimensions. A 22.375 x 34 poster frame is the perfect solution for this. It is designed to fit your poster snugly and securely while enhancing its appearance and protecting it from damage.

Poster frames are available in various sizes, but 22.375 x 34 is a popular choice for art enthusiasts, collectors, and movie buffs. It is the standard size for movie posters, ensuring that it can be displayed in a standard frame without any cropping or distortion. Additionally, it is a versatile size that can be used for art prints, photographs, and other types of posters.





A 22.375 x 34 poster frame can be made from different materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic. Each material has its unique advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to choose the one that suits your preferences and needs. For instance, a wood frame can give your poster a classic and elegant look, while a metal frame can provide a sleek and modern appearance. Meanwhile, a plastic frame can be more affordable and lightweight, making it ideal for temporary displays or traveling.

When choosing a 22.375 x 34 poster frame, consider its color, finish, and style. The frame’s color should complement your poster’s hues and tones, while the finish can add texture or shine to the frame. The style can range from minimalist to ornate, depending on your personal taste and the artwork’s theme.


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Aside from aesthetics, a 22.375 x 34 poster frame should also provide protection for your poster. It should have a clear and durable cover, such as acrylic or glass, to shield your poster from dust, moisture, and UV rays. It should also have a backing board or mat that can prevent the poster from touching the cover and causing damage.

Overall, a 22.375 x 34 poster frame is an excellent investment if you want to showcase your poster in its best light. It can enhance the poster’s visual appeal, protect it from harm, and make it more memorable and significant. So whether you’re a movie lover or an art collector, consider getting a 22.375 x 34 poster frame for your prized poster today.

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