Cornell Note Template: Enhancing Note-Taking Efficiency

cornell note template: An Effective Note-Taking Method

Note-taking is an essential skill for students and professionals alike. It helps individuals retain information better and makes it easier to study or reference material later on. The Cornell Note Template is a note-taking method that has been used by students for decades as an effective way to study and retain important information.

Cornell Notes Templates -  FREE Printables  Printabulls
Cornell Notes Templates – FREE Printables Printabulls

The Cornell Note Template involves dividing a piece of paper into two columns. The right-hand column is for notes, while the left-hand column is for keywords and questions related to the notes. At the bottom of the page, there is a space for a summary of the notes.





The note-taking process begins by recording the date, the topic of the notes, and the source of the information at the top of the page. As information is presented, the note-taker records the main points, key terms, and any questions that arise in the right column. In the left column, the note-taker summarizes the notes using keywords and phrases that capture the essence of the information. This process helps the note-taker to organize their thoughts and to make connections between ideas.

At the end of the lecture or reading session, the note-taker writes a summary of the notes in the space provided at the bottom of the page. This summary should include the most important points and ideas discussed.


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One of the benefits of using the Cornell Note Template is that it provides a structure for note-taking that can be easily reviewed later on. By having a summary of the notes in one location, it is easier to review the material quickly and to recall important points. Additionally, the keywords and headings in the left column can help the note-taker to quickly locate specific information within their notes.

Overall, the Cornell Note Template is an effective and proven method for note-taking that can help students and professionals to better retain and recall important information. By following this template, note-takers can organize their notes in a way that makes reviewing and studying more efficient and effective.

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