Turkey In Disguise Template: Creative Ideas For Thanksgiving Fun

turkey in disguise template: A Fun Thanksgiving Activity for Kids

As Thanksgiving approaches, parents and teachers are always searching for fun activities that can keep children engaged and entertained. One of the most popular activities for kids during this time of year is the Turkey in Disguise project. This creative and fun activity involves children decorating a turkey template in various disguises to keep it safe from being eaten on Thanksgiving.

The Turkey in Disguise activity is all about creativity and imagination. Children are provided with a template of a turkey and are encouraged to decorate it in a way that will help it blend in with its surroundings. The idea is to make the turkey look like something else entirely – a superhero, a chef, a doctor, or anything else that comes to mind.





One of the best things about the Turkey in Disguise project is that it’s easy to get started. There are plenty of templates available online that you can print out and use with your kids. Just do a quick search for Turkey in Disguise template and you’ll find a variety of designs to choose from.

Once you have the template, you can give your child some art supplies, such as markers, paints, or colored pencils, and let their imagination take over. Kids can use any materials they want to create their disguise, whether it’s construction paper, stickers, or even real objects like leaves or feathers.


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The Turkey in Disguise project is not only a fun activity for kids, but it also teaches valuable skills. It encourages creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Children have to think about how to disguise the turkey so that it won’t be recognized as a turkey. This requires them to come up with creative solutions and think outside the box.

In addition to being a fun and educational activity, the Turkey in Disguise project is also a great way to teach children about gratitude and thankfulness. As they work on their turkeys, you can talk to your kids about the things they are thankful for and why Thanksgiving is such an important holiday.

In conclusion, the Turkey in Disguise project is a fun and creative activity that children of all ages can enjoy. With a little bit of imagination and some supplies, kids can create a turkey that is sure to keep them entertained and engaged. So, go ahead, print out a template, and let your children’s creativity take flight!

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