Disguised Turkey Template: A Fun Thanksgiving Activity

disguised turkey template: A Fun Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and kids are getting excited about the holiday celebrations. It’s a time for family gatherings, delicious food, and fun activities. One of the most popular activities for kids during this time is creating a disguised turkey using a turkey template.

Everything You Need for the Turkey Disguise Project - Innovation
Everything You Need for the Turkey Disguise Project – Innovation

A disguised turkey template is a printable outline of a turkey that kids can decorate and disguise to make it look like something else. It’s a fun craft activity that encourages creativity and imagination.





To make a disguised turkey, you’ll need a turkey template, scissors, glue, and various craft materials such as construction paper, feathers, googly eyes, and markers. You can find turkey templates online or create your own by drawing a simple turkey outline on a piece of paper.

Once you have the turkey template, let your kids’ creativity run wild as they decorate and disguise their turkey. They can use construction paper to create a hat, glasses, or a mustache. They can glue on feathers to create a dress or a skirt. They can also draw on the turkey’s face and add googly eyes to give it a funny or scary look.


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The possibilities are endless when it comes to disguising a turkey. Your kids can make it look like a superhero, a princess, a pirate, or even a dinosaur. They can use their imagination to come up with all sorts of fun and creative ideas.

Not only is making a disguised turkey a fun craft activity, but it’s also a great way to teach kids about the significance of Thanksgiving. You can use this activity to talk about the history of Thanksgiving and the importance of being grateful for what we have.

In conclusion, a disguised turkey template is a fun and easy craft activity that kids can enjoy during Thanksgiving. It encourages creativity and imagination and is a great way to teach kids about the significance of the holiday. So, gather your craft supplies and let your kids create their own disguised turkey this Thanksgiving!

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