Iceberg Template: Unveiling The Hidden Potential Of Your Ideas

iceberg template: A Powerful Tool for Problem Solving

The iceberg template is a visual representation of the hidden factors that contribute to a problem. Just like an iceberg, only a small portion is visible above the surface, while the larger and more complex part remains hidden. By using this template, individuals and teams can identify the underlying causes of a problem and develop effective solutions.

Free Google Slides Iceberg PowerPoint Template
Free Google Slides Iceberg PowerPoint Template

The iceberg template is a simple and intuitive tool that can be used in various scenarios, such as business, healthcare, education, and social issues. It consists of three layers: the surface layer, the shallow layer, and the deep layer.


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The surface layer represents the visible symptoms of a problem. These are the things that people can see and observe, such as behaviors, actions, and outcomes. For example, the surface layer of a declining sales problem could include low revenue, decreased customer satisfaction, and the inability to meet targets.

The shallow layer represents the factors that contribute to the problem but are not immediately obvious. These factors may include processes, systems, and structures that are not working effectively. For instance, in the sales problem, the shallow layer could include poor marketing strategies, ineffective sales techniques, and inadequate product development.





The deep layer represents the underlying beliefs, values, and assumptions that drive behavior and decision-making. These factors are often deeply entrenched and difficult to change. In the sales problem, the deep layer could include a lack of customer empathy, a focus on short-term goals, and a resistance to change.

Using the iceberg template can help individuals and teams to move beyond the surface symptoms of a problem and into the deeper layers where the real causes lie. By uncovering these hidden factors, solutions can be developed that address the root causes and lead to lasting change.

To use the iceberg template effectively, it’s important to engage a diverse group of stakeholders who can bring different perspectives and experiences to the problem-solving process. By working collaboratively, teams can identify and address the complex factors that contribute to a problem, leading to more effective and sustainable solutions.

In conclusion, the iceberg template is a powerful tool for problem-solving that helps individuals and teams to go beyond surface symptoms and uncover the underlying causes of a problem. By using this template, teams can develop effective solutions that address the root causes and lead to lasting change.

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