Title: Bernie Sanders Meme Template: The Viral Sensation Taking The Internet By Storm

bernie sanders meme template Goes Viral

Bernie Sanders, a Vermont senator, became an internet sensation in January 2021 when he was photographed at the presidential inauguration ceremony wearing a warm coat and mittens. The image of Sanders sitting in a socially-distanced chair with his arms folded went viral, and quickly became a meme on social media platforms.

Bernie Sanders reaction (nuked) Meme Generator - Imgflip
Bernie Sanders reaction (nuked) Meme Generator – Imgflip

Sanders’ meme was then turned into a popular template that has been used to create numerous humorous memes. The template features a cut-out of Sanders sitting with his arms crossed, and can be used to place the senator in different locations or situations. The popularity of the meme template has spawned a whole new genre of internet memes, with people creating new memes every day.


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Some of the most popular memes created using Sanders’ template include him being placed in popular TV shows like Game of Thrones and The Crown, as well as being photoshopped into famous paintings and movie scenes.

Bernie Sanders reaction (nuked) Meme Generator - Imgflip
Bernie Sanders reaction (nuked) Meme Generator – Imgflip

The popularity of Bernie Sanders’ meme template has even been utilized for charitable causes. Designer Nikolas Gregory launched a line of mittens, with all profits going to charities supporting LGBTQ+ and racial justice causes. The mittens are inspired by the ones Sanders wore during the inauguration ceremony, and features the meme of the senator sitting with his arms crossed.





In conclusion, Bernie Sanders’ meme template has become a viral sensation on social media platforms, providing people with endless opportunities to create humorous content. The popularity of this template has also been used for a good cause, with the creation of the Bernie-inspired mittens that support important causes. It’s clear that Sanders’ meme template is here to stay, and will continue to bring joy and laughter to people around the world.

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