Bob Peak: The Legendary Illustrator And Designer

bob peak: The Father of Modern Movie Posters

Bob Peak is widely regarded as the father of modern movie posters. His career spanned over four decades, during which he created some of the most iconic and memorable movie posters of all time. His work is characterized by bold colors, dynamic compositions, and a sense of drama that perfectly captured the essence of the films he was promoting.

The Artists - The Movie Posters of Bob Peak – Art of the Movies
The Artists – The Movie Posters of Bob Peak – Art of the Movies

Peak was born in Denver, Colorado in 1927. He studied at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, where he honed his skills as an illustrator. After graduation, he worked briefly as a commercial artist before being drafted into the US Army. He served in the Korean War and was awarded a Bronze Star for his service.


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After his discharge from the Army, Peak returned to commercial art. His first movie poster was for the film My Fair Lady in 1964. The poster was a huge success and set the standard for movie posters to come. He went on to create posters for some of the biggest films of the era, including Apocalypse Now, Superman, and Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Peak’s style was unique in that he didn’t simply create a representation of the film’s main characters or plot. He aimed to capture the emotional impact of the film, creating posters that were works of art in their own right. His use of color and composition were groundbreaking, and his posters often became as iconic as the films themselves.





One of Peak’s most famous posters is for the film Rollerball. The poster features a stylized image of star James Caan, set against a bold red background. The image perfectly captures the intensity and violence of the film, and became an instant classic. Another iconic poster is for Apocalypse Now, which features a fiery explosion set against a surreal jungle landscape.

Peak’s influence can be seen in the work of countless movie poster artists who came after him. His legacy lives on in the countless film posters that continue to adorn movie theater walls around the world. He passed away in 1992, but his work continues to inspire and captivate audiences to this day.

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