Maju Terus Indonesia! Celebrating Independence Day 2022 With Patriotic Posters

Are you excited for Malaysia’s 65th National Day celebration in 2022? Get in the patriotic spirit with our top picks for stunning Poster Hari Kemerdekaan designs!

From bold graphics to traditional motifs, these posters beautifully represent the spirit of Merdeka. But what makes a great Poster Hari Kemerdekaan design? Here are some important factors to consider:

Cara melukis poster kemerdekaan - Poster kemerdekaan
Cara melukis poster kemerdekaan – Poster kemerdekaan

1. Color Scheme: Red, blue, and white are the colors of the Malaysian flag, and are often used in patriotic designs. However, designers may also incorporate other colors that represent the diversity and unity of our nation.





2. Type Design: The typography of a poster can greatly impact its visual impact. Bold, sans-serif fonts are often used for headlines, while elegant script fonts are used for more traditional designs.

3. Symbolism: The use of national symbols, such as the Jalur Gemilang or the national flower, the hibiscus, can add depth and meaning to a design.


JF Galeum Font


Now, without further ado, here are our top picks for poster hari kemerdekaan 2022:

1. Jalur Gemilang by Designer X
This minimalist design features a stylized Malaysian flag in red and white, with the iconic 14-pointed star in the center. The bold typography adds a modern touch to the traditional motif.

2. Bersatu Padu by Designer Y
This design incorporates the colors of the Malaysian flag in a circular pattern, symbolizing unity and harmony. The intricate script font adds a touch of elegance to the design.

3. Warisan Kita by Designer Z
This design features a vibrant illustration of traditional Malaysian motifs, such as the kampung house and the palm tree. The bold, colorful typography adds a playful touch to the design.

Whether you prefer modern or traditional designs, these posters are sure to inspire your patriotic spirit. So, grab a copy of your favorite design and join us in celebrating Malaysia’s independence!

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